Brecon Beacons - Crickhowell Campsite

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time

The Camping Trip where Shearer scored

The only time so far that Tav’s Tours has opted for camping. We were very lucky with wonderful weather.

Dave H and I got there on Thursday evening and were entertained by the snores of a bloke from the other side of the campsite. That night was also the 1st sighting of Dave’s ‘I am a huge slug’ sleeping bag. On our Friday walk we founded our philosophy of why follow a path when you can meander through bogland? We tramped for several hours across the tops, before coming across a boggy muddy stream. Dave asserted that the only way across was to run straight through. Gullible as I am, and wearing very light beige trousers, I followed the advice. The visual affect was spectacular, and it was around then that I gave up beige as a suitable mountain clothing colour.

The main walk took in Fan-Y-Big (2359ft). The weather was stunning, really hot and the sharp climb from the village nearly killed us, and when Cookie managed to put his foot in a boggy puddle up to his knee I thought Dave H was going to die laughing.

That evening we watched England v Germany in Euro 2000. Shearer scored the winning goal and we celebrated long into the night.

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