Let me guess, North Wales

The last of the 3000 footers

Friday glorious weather and a scramble up Tryfan for Dave E, Tony, Tav and Neil where Neil did a great impression of a limpet. Telling us about half way up that he was a little scared of heights was a bit too late.

Tav and Tony pressed onto Glydwyr Fach and Glydwr Fawr and a descent via devils kitchen.

Saturday and the last of the 15 3000's footers beckoned. After the obligatory get lost in a field and backtrack we trudged several miles up a very windy valley before shouldering up Yr Elen. Cookie and Tony took the vertical way up whilst the rest of us got blown around the shoulder.

The wind at the top was pretty scary and necessitated a crawl to the summit. But we'd done it - the last of the Welsh 3000 footers bagged!

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