Cairngorms and Skye

It is not talking but walking that will bring us to heaven

The Referendum trip....

After the success of the last trip to Skye, a plan was hatched in a local hostelry to spend a week in Scotland and do some two day walks in the Cairngorms and Skye along with some wild camping. Strangely enough everyone other than Paul T and Dave H suddenly were very busy. The week we chose was the week of the independence referendum so we played an ongoing game of counting the Yes and No posters as a way of predicting the vote (for those that care - the mainland was evenly split whereas Skye was a strong Yes on the poster count)

The now familiar flight to Inverness over, we nipped into town to buy some essentials: fuel for the incredibly light stove, windproof matches and Paul T wanted a midgie head net in case the little blighters were biting. The first night was spent in a B&B in Aviemore which didn’t quite qualify as wild camping. A largely unremarkable evening other than a good curry, discovering Paul had bought a......

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