If we don’t start walking we’ll never get anywhere

The WAAT4 Challenge

It was a stupid idea to start with and having finished it, it was still a stupid idea.

When Tav gently suggested we do a 40k charity walk through the Brecon Beacons in June a few foolhardy souls agreed. In aid of good causes - Mountain Rescue, Air Ambulance and Cancer Wales to name but a few, it seemed a noble journey.

Apprehension grew as to what we were going to do as the date approached but despite some half hearted discussion of whether we should go and do the 30k route, the fools that we were, boldly stuck to the 40k route. It was basically the same other than an extra 10k and one more big bloody mountain.

Friday evening found us gathering in the camp site after a variety of journeys - Dave H and Tav seemed to take the direct route and ended up with vegetation stuck on both sides of the Landrover. The tents went up....

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Diddley, diddley, diddley

A trip to the land of Leprechauns

The first official Tav's Tour trip abroad took in a trip to Ireland.

We based ourselves in Killarney, a Disney version of Ireland. Every pub had musicians of varying talents playing to lure in the tourists from the coach tours. In most pubs we found bemused tourists nursing a half of Guinness. While the town may have been false the surrounding countryside certainly wasn't.

Day 1 took in two of the Highest Mountains in Ireland, in Caher and Carantoonhill. Having missed very obvious car park and parked on the side of the road (we usually get lost in the car park - this time we failed to find it), the start saw an immediate slog up a steep hill. Thursday's alcohol intake was pretty high so this was immediately hard work. Dave E was particularly feeling the strain (probably the third bottle of red) but as we neared the top of Caher....

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