Brecon Beacons, Penpont

As a nation we are dedicated to keeping physically fit - and parking as close to the stadium as possible

Funny Names

Another New Years trip to Penpont. A small stroll to a vantage point looking over the valley (and a meeting with Cookie and Mills) was our 1st small walk.

A second excursion took in Lord Herefords Knob (2231ft) although the weather restricted what should have been a fab view.

The rest of the time spent playing playstation, eating and drinking.

New Forest, Hampshire

It is good to collect things; it is better to take walks

No Tavs on tour

Due to illness I missed this one. Details are second hand but I believe this one is largely remembered for Fossie and Di’s bickering and whisky drinking.

The walk was a ramble through the Forest and even took in a pub.

Devon, Wood Bay Cottage

The place where you lose the trail is not necessarily the place where it ends

Cookies farewell tour

We stayed in a fantastic fisherman’s cottage right at the bottom of a valley and just off the beach. The setting was amazing, just right to say a temporary farewell to Cookie before his year off travelling the world.

We walked about 10 miles along the coast (after 4 attempts by Tav to navigate out of the carpark) with wonderful weather and great views. The future Mrs Cook made her debut on this tour.

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