The Lake District again

The best climber in the world is the one who is having the most fun

Wainwright was right

“The reason we haven’t started any major religions is because of the weather” And so the weekend started.

Never one to shy away from the important topics, this Tavs Tours excelled itself in tackling the big issues; the link between weather (or more technically climate) and religion, the third runway at Heathrow, Brexit, the state of UK politics and whether different types of jelly babies has different calorie contents.

Once again we were hosted very kindly by Dennis and Michelle in Braithwaite who claimed that they enjoyed having us despite us failing to understand why having 6 blokes descend on your house was enjoyable. As well as a lovely meal, they even joined us for a drink in the pub so we must have been doing something right (though being asked to participate in answering kid’s Trivial Pursuit questions was probably not what they expected....

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Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light

The Skiing Trip....

Day 1 - Sgurr a Bhastair

A really challenging but rewarding day as we headed into the Black Cullins and the famous ridge. A boggy start from the Sligachan Hotel before we started to climb properly following a stream. The usual dodgy navigation (from Tav) saw us precariously cross a very narrow plank across the stream (about 10 foot above it) only to realise once everyone was across that the true route was on the side we'd just left! Two opportunities for Cookie to take the plunge and he declined both. Once all safely back on the right side of the stream we proceeded up to a windy col below Sgurr a Bhastair.

The route then got really interesting, with a challenging scramble onto the summit. The views of the snow capped ridge ahead were awesome at this point. The top gave way to a very narrow ridge that we picked our way across carefully. And then.....

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Mam Tor, Derbyshire

I have two doctors, my left leg and my right

The 15th Anniversary (well 14th actually)

Despite an inability to work out an anniversary we returned to where it started - Derbyshire. After good food and working our way through all their bitters using a complex numbering system (as well as a brief detour into solving long term transport problems by inventing a new technology) we set off to do the classic walk from Hope via Castleton, Cave Dale, Mam Tor and Lose Hill.

After a muddy start, Dave E tripping over a tricky flat bit and a rapid sprint through Castleton to avoid any shopping urges, Cave Dale proved a gorgeous introduction to height gain (despite it not being as ‘scuzzy’ as Dave E remembered). From there....

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North Wales


Snowdon, nearly

In the pub on the Friday night Dave E suggested options for a warm up walk on the Friday, Moel Siabob, Cnicht, Tryfan....... So on Friday morning we set out for Tryfan, not really having explained to Lucy that it was a continuous scramble. The weather made for an inauspicious start, with rain and hail within two mins of leaving the car. But it dried up as we scrambled, Dave coaxed Lucy up and the scramble to the summit confirmed it as may favourite mountain.

The others joined us that night but by Saturday the weather had turned, with heavy rain and hi-winds. The original plan for Crib Goch was abandoned in favour of the Pyg Track up Snowdon. Even that was to prove too much though, Peter had woken up with a sore back that was deteriorating, the weather was getting worse so it was time to head back to the pub.

North Wales

Foel this and Foel that

The good thing about setting ourselves a target of walking the 15 Welsh 3000s is that it got us to walk some hills we wouldn’t normally bother with. The weather didn’t help make these the most attractive walks though, with low cloud and rain for most of the day. The hills were big bumps without the drama of the other Carneddau. Managed to do Foel Grach, Foel Fras, Garnedd Uchaf and Drum.

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