New Forest, Hampshire

It is good to collect things; it is better to take walks

No Tavs on tour

Due to illness I missed this one. Details are second hand but I believe this one is largely remembered for Fossie and Di’s bickering and whisky drinking.

The walk was a ramble through the Forest and even took in a pub.

Lyme Regis, Dorset

A fact bobbed up from my memory, that the ancient Egyptians prescribed walking through a garden as a cure for the mad. It was a mind-altering drug we took daily

The gorse bush

For me this tour marked a bit of a turning point. As more children joined the group it was clear that the big walks we had done previously were no longer possible in such large numbers. After this the tours tend to divide into two types, the lads mountain weekends and the family rambles.

The walk took in a section of the Dorset coastline heading away from Lyme Regis towards Durdle Door. The main feature was a detour by Dave H, who returned 40 mins later covered in scratches. He’d fallen into a gorse bush (as you do) and had to cut himself out with his penknife.

Gower Peninsula

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back


A great walk around some of the Gower coastline, taking in Three Cliffs and Oxwich bays. At Oxwich Di braved the water and went swimming.

A night out in Swansea is always entertaining. I remember a long wait for food and an interesting game of shove, shag, marry. Di, Fossie, Jackie and Rachel braved the Swansea club scene.

This was the tour on which Fossie and Di 1st met.

Lulworth Cove, Dorset

Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking

Tanks in the Mist

Our 1st Coastal route. Unfortunately we encountered a sea mist as we set off that did not really lift all day. When it did briefly clear we had a view of a load of old disused tanks in the valley opposite, very spooky as they emerged from the mist. We reached an abandoned village before turning back.

This walk also saw our 1st junior member as Matthew Ellis took his bow (he has since notched up another 5 tours making him quite a veteran).

NB: Can’t remember the name of the hotel we stayed in but I think it’s the only place we have stayed that is no longer there. Drove past in Oct 2007 and it was being knocked down.

Yorkshire Dales - Cray

I like long walks, especially when they are taken
by people who annoy me.

Toe Sucking

Strangely this was the only time the full tour visited Cray! Although Cookie and I had stag do’s there, and I’ve been back with Penny & Mike and Cookie &Mills, while Dave E celebrated his 40th here with Lucy, the full tour never returned.

But we left a lasting memory, Kevin & Debbie believe that this is in their top 5 nights of all time! The walk was a fun scramble up Buckden Pike (2300ft) and then a walk along the Cray waterfalls. Cookie graced the occasion by throwing himself into the gill opposite the pub in the 1st 30 seconds of the walk.

An early finish led to a heavy night. Dave E taught a very tipsy Kate what incremental sales meant for her coming TV performance, and then Libby took foot massage to new levels by toe sucking Saz, then me, and anyone else that was up for it. Then Kevin produced his udder cream………

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