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I get knocked down, but I get up again - Chumbawumba


After a great (but somewhat windy) trip to Assynt last year, we were keen to reacquaint ourselves with the Inchnadamph hotel and the local hills - hopefully with better weather.

Some of that worked out....

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It seems like a perfectly sensible plan. Fly up to Inverness and head to the far North West (Assynt) and climb the iconic Suilven and the Ben More. However, it didn’t quite go according to plan……

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Scotland - The Five Sisters

After two weeks of glorious sunshine in the south Dave E and Tav arrived in Scotland to find more typical Tav’s tour conditions; wet, grey and blustery. The ambition was to climb the Five Sisters of Kintail and with the weather forecast being slightly better on the Friday we set off with high hopes.

The walk took us up a stunning river valley, but soon the amount of water cascading off either side of the valley gave us a taste of the challenges to come. Within 20 mins of starting the weather deteriorated and full waterproofs were called for. After a long, scenic trek up the valley we reached a private bothy...

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Cairngorms and Skye

It is not talking but walking that will bring us to heaven

The Referendum trip....

After the success of the last trip to Skye, a plan was hatched in a local hostelry to spend a week in Scotland and do some two day walks in the Cairngorms and Skye along with some wild camping. Strangely enough everyone other than Paul T and Dave H suddenly were very busy. The week we chose was the week of the independence referendum so we played an ongoing game of counting the Yes and No posters as a way of predicting the vote (for those that care - the mainland was evenly split whereas Skye was a strong Yes on the poster count)

The now familiar flight to Inverness over, we nipped into town to buy some essentials: fuel for the incredibly light stove, windproof matches and Paul T wanted a midgie head net in case the little blighters were biting. The first night was spent in a B&B in Aviemore which didn’t quite qualify as wild camping. A largely unremarkable evening other than a good curry, discovering Paul had bought a......

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Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light

The Skiing Trip....

Day 1 - Sgurr a Bhastair

A really challenging but rewarding day as we headed into the Black Cullins and the famous ridge. A boggy start from the Sligachan Hotel before we started to climb properly following a stream. The usual dodgy navigation (from Tav) saw us precariously cross a very narrow plank across the stream (about 10 foot above it) only to realise once everyone was across that the true route was on the side we'd just left! Two opportunities for Cookie to take the plunge and he declined both. Once all safely back on the right side of the stream we proceeded up to a windy col below Sgurr a Bhastair.

The route then got really interesting, with a challenging scramble onto the summit. The views of the snow capped ridge ahead were awesome at this point. The top gave way to a very narrow ridge that we picked our way across carefully. And then.....

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